First LIVE episode! In this inaugural episode, I answer “What is Thriving Creator?” In the process, I go over 12 principles of a thriving creator. Many of these characteristics fall under a category that I call “wisdom for creators”:

Thriving Creator - Live! Episode #001 | What is Thriving Creator? | Qualities of a Thriving Creator |

I hope you enjoy a different feel in these live videos than the much more polished videos that I also produce on YouTube. These live videos are meant to promote discussion with you and to hear feedback about what you are dealing with as a modern creator.

This first episode definitely had many imperfections, ranging from interruptions from the my “co-hosts” (my 2 sons), to forgetting to say most of the things that I had planned to say, and more. But despite those imperfections, this genuine look at what I’m doing with Thriving Creator sparked several good discussions with viewers after the episode ended.

So I would encourage you to go ahead and put yourself out there, even with all of your imperfections. And speaking of that, I cover this very topic in LIVE Episode #002, “Thriving with Imperfections”.

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