Third LIVE episode!  In this episode, I cover:

  1. Why is persistence paramount for creators specifically?
  2. What is the mental outlook that we need to be able to persist and persevere?

To illustrate why persistence is so important for creators, I get outside and chop wood… which becomes the perfect metaphor for what happens in our brain as we build strong pathways in our brains (or “deep grooves” as I call them in this video).

In the process, I tell the story of how Albert Einstein encountered his “flash” of knowledge which was key for him in solving simple relativity. It was his extreme intuition that made the difference – it allowed him to solve what no one before him could solve.

But how did Einstein obtain such intuition? It was his extreme persistence and practice that allowed him to form the kinds of neural networks in his brain that could later equip him with powerful intuition.

The beauty of this is that persistence is usually something that we have control over! And its not hard to understand. Its just a question of whether or not we’re willing to do it.

Are you willing?

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